Choosing to Opt Out

If your home repair or replacement will cost more than $15,000 (+GST) and is less than the EQC cap (usually $100,000 + GST) then you can choose to 'opt out' of the EQC's Canterbury Home Repair Programme. This means that rather than waiting for EQC to do the repairs that you can take control of the repairs and manage them yourself.  

Absolute Homes will, on your behalf, take over the role of project manager from Fletcher EQR.  We will ensure that you have all the necessary building consents in place and will conduct all the repairs on your home in a timely manner, to the highest standard and with minimal distruption to your household.

4 simple steps to Opting-Out

1. Fill out the Opt-Out form on the EQC website and return to EQC.

2. Nominate Absolute Homes as your contractor to do your repairs.

3. EQC will meet with you and Absolute Homes to go through the 'Scope of Works' on your property. Absolute Homes  will then send EQC a quotation on your behalf for the Scope of Works. 

4. EQC will send you a 'Confirmation to Proceed' Letter.

For more information on Opting Out and to download the Opt Out forms visit the EQC website