The team at Absolute Group are passionate about customer service

We believe in employing the best quality staff so that you can be assured of a quality service and a dream home of the highest standard. Our team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring you enjoy your home building experience. 

When working with Absolute Group we want our clients to feel that they are dealing with a company of integrity. When we say we will do something we will do it and we expect our clients to hold us to our word. As an Absolute Group client you can have confidence that you are getting a top quality, honest service from a dedicated team of professionals.

Meet the Team

Craig Bussell

Craig Bussell - General Manager     

Craig is responsible for the day to day running of the Absolute Group. 


Stephen Brett

Stephen Brett - Construction Manager

Stephen overseas all the builds that are undertaken by the Group. He works closely with our project managers and building team to ensure we deliver all our builds on time and within budget. His wealth of experience, local knowledge & communication with clients ensures every home build runs smoothly and efficiently.


Grant Davison

Grant Davison - Project Manager, Quality Control

Grant is responsible for various projects at detail stage, liaising with sub-contractors and generally cracking the whip to ensure quality and timeliness. Grant is a perfectionist who demands the same quality on projects as he would for his own home. Grant has been involved with the business for over 7 years and has a keen interest in building houses and landscaping. Outside of work Grant is keen touch player and huge motocross enthusiastic both to watch and compete.


Andrea Haddock

Andrea Haddock - Office Manager

Andrea is normally your first point of contact with Absolute Group. She keeps the office running smoothly and is the go-to person if you have any queries or need more information. With over 20years experience in office management she is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best possible service. Away from work Andrea enjoys sports, playing both netball and softball. 



Matt Sheppard

Matt Sheppard - Sales Manager

Matt works closely with each of our clients to develop their dream home. From understanding their requirements he is able to advise on the best solution from across the Absolute Group's portfolio; whether that's Absolute Homes, Absolute Construction or a Module NZ offering. Matt started his career as an electronic engineer and quickly moved into Sales & Marketing, preferring to work with people rather than machines. With over 15 years in the building industry he has a wealth of experience from working in the supply chain from raw materials to packaged solutions.  A martial arts fanatic he holds a black belt and is an advanced instructor.

Josh Tinielu

Josh Tinielu - Junior Estimator

Josh works closely with our project managers to cost each job and ensure our clients get the home they deserve at the best possible price. He works closely alongside Stephen and Grant to deliver   A born and bred Cantabrian, Josh has a strong interest in Quantity Surveying and is looking to further his skills in this area. 


Dave Hewett

Dave Hewett - Director

Dave bought the business in 2010 and since then has grown the company to where it is today. He was so impressed with the service and quality of his own home build a few years earlier that he set out to ensure that every home builder could receive the same top quality experience. Dave is actively involved in the business but leaves the day to day management to the team of professionals. A former All Black and Crusader, Dave has a passion for the building process and enjoys seeing the business deliver quality craftmanship and service to all our clients. 


Bruce Bussell - Sales Manager, Space

Bruce is passionate about Space and is dedicated to making a difference to the building industry. Bruce has a wealth of management and marketing experience gained from working both locally and internationally. Having worked for one of hte largest retail companies in the world, Tesco's, he has gained invaluable insight into looking after the customer. A key ehtos that he has bought to Space. In addition to his management and retail experience he also has many years in the building industry both on the supply side and as a building company owner. From his experience he knows first hand that Space's offering is unique and will benefit both builders and clients alike.